You’ve got a shiny website, a great design, flashy logos, and a message that you want to get out. The most expensive website in the world is one that’s never found by the targeted customers. Getting to the top of a Google page is no small task, but being buried on the 14th page isn’t much better than not having a site at all. Our network of DET365s are the best in the business at getting your site to the top of the search results organically.

Designing a marketing plan without a significant social media strategy is like letting the air out of the tires of your bike before going for a ride. You can get where you’re going, but it will be a lot more work than it needs to be. Social Media are two words that were never put together a decade ago. Figuring out how social media fits your strategy and how it can help you accomplish your goals is something that many businesses struggle to understand.

Everyone’s business goals are different, of course; and we will always make recommendations based first and foremost on the behaviors of your target audience. However, most of the marketing plans that get hatched at the Duck Pond involve at least some kind of social media outreach.

If you have customers and you don’t do social media, you’re missing out on the conversation that’s happening.  We can help you figure out where to reach your customers, be it: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Plus+, LinkedIn, Yelp, YouTube…


For several years, DET365 Marketing has worked with FreeMoreWest to create a brand that's recognizable across the Queen City. By managing neighborhood events, social media outreach, website updates and monthly email newsletters, the ducks helped to ensure that residents were kept up to speed with the latest and greatest in Charlotte's westside.

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  • The recognition we receive is due in large part to DET365 Marketing. They have done great work for us and I recommend them if you ever need marketing support, especially considering all the real estate and community building work they do.
    - Chris Wannamaker, Former FreeMoreWest Chair

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