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If you’re in the marketing world (and maybe even if you aren’t), 视频时代这个说法你已经听过不止一次了. 博客, 文章和是的, 视频, have emphasized the benefits of video marketing and why you should implement a video strategy into your marketing plan.


统计数据无可争议. 当数据显示嵌入在电子邮件中的视频得到一个 200 - 300%的增长 in click-through rates, you’re going to want to get in on the trend.

But what seems to be missing – or just skimmed over in the blogs, articles and breakdowns – is that there are multiple types of video to explore. Especially if you are a small business with an even smaller budget, the idea of implementing a video strategy full of production assistants, 灯光和故事板会议可能会让人不知所措.

So, we’ve pulled together four different types of video and a few simple ways that you can create those 视频 to help boost your performance on social and increase click-through rates on your emails or links. Whether you incorporate one type of video or take a crack at all four, 做适合你公司需要的事情.

  1. 动画图形

This is by far the most skipped-over and underrated form of video because it’s literally so simple. Animated graphics are the popcorn of the video world because they tend to be short, 提供少量信息的小视频. 例子

You simply start with a static image and add some type of movement to it. 想想淡入的文本, 背景颜色的变化, an icon that scales up or a shape that tilts back and forth. Simple, uncomplicated movement that doesn’t distract from your main message or image but adds to it. 可以将它们创建为 .gif, but for the sake of the social algorithm gods, we suggest converting it to an .Mp4,你可以很容易地用一个在线转换器.

You can create your own animated graphic using GIF sites such as 另一个很好的资源是 帆布, which allows you to create social posts that you can animate and download it as an .mp4. 最重要的是,它是免费的,帐户设置也很简单.

  1. 动画

A motion graphic is a step up from an animated graphic and usually involves animations that are more complex or sophisticated than what you see in a typical animated graphic. It’s a great way to create video content on a budget because you don’t have to pay for talent and equipment or spend time scouting locations, 等. This is a good place to use stock footage or branded imagery paired with targeted messaging. Storyboarding your concept ahead of time will help the video be more cohesive and streamlined – we like to think in the terms of slides. 幻灯片一-介绍画面,幻灯片二-信息一,等等. 通常, 一个运动图像视频应该在15-30秒之间, but some educational style 视频 may go longer in a step-by-step format.

Another star for 帆布 as a free resource – they have a ton of video templates where you can switch out text and imagery to work for your brand. 缺点是默认模板是1920 x 1080, 所以如果你需要垂直或方形的视频, 你必须增加到一个付费帐户才能调整大小.

  1. 短格式视频- TikTok, Reels, Stories

让我们跳到好的部分: Short-form 视频 hit the marketing world and obliterated most of what we thought we knew about video marketing. 没有多少规划, curating or strategic use of trending audio can predict what will sink and what will soar. What we DO know is that the social algorithms love the use of in-app video. Your account is automatically going to get a boost if you implement the use of Reels, 生活的故事, 特别是当你现在不使用它们的时候. 然而, 他们真的不喜欢交叉, so try to limit the use of cross-posting from one platform to another. 另一个建议:虽然我们知道你的品牌是你的一切, these short-form 视频 do better when they appear to be an everyday post shared by friends. 令人惊讶的是,你的品牌越多 Instagram的故事内容 看起来,它的性能越差.

Another plus to this type of video: Everything you need to create one is right on your phone in the app you already have downloaded. All you need is some creativity and the confidence to be OK if you come across a little silly. Just be careful that you aren’t so focused on “going viral” that you lose your brand in the process – stick with what works for you and not the masses.

  1. 策划视频内容

The most typical form of video marketing, curated video content is tried and true. While this type of video strategy can involve the need for a large budget, there are also lots of ways to pare down and still have high-quality content at the end of the day. The age of the pandemic has decreased the expectation of highly polished editing and situations of perfect lighting. We are moving into an online world where users want to see authenticity in the brands they follow. 在Instagram上更真实一点. 现实的问题. Since most phones these days have cameras as good as a base model DSLR, a gimbal or tripod and a decent microphone could be a great investment to your brand arsenal. 你可以是一个人的制作团队!


Hopefully within these four options, you can find a form of video marketing that works for you. If you’re looking for inspiration or are just curious about the types of video work we’ve done in the past, 看看我们 YDM工作室 页面.


We do realize that what comes easy to some doesn’t come easy to others. So, if you’re looking for a more targeted approach to implementing video strategy or would like a more experienced hand working on the graphics or 视频 that you plan to post, 给我们一个庸医. We would love to hear everything about your company and what makes you passionate while brainstorming some ways that we can use video to accomplish your goals and dreams.